Our Story

Pictured above: My grandma (婆婆) and I. She often wore jade accessories and was a huge inspiration behind Stones of Heaven.

Balance • Protection • Luck

Jade is an ornamental stone that symbolizes protection, beauty, and harmony. Traditionally referred to as "The Stone of Heaven", jade is considered to be a lucky gemstone in many Asian cultures. As a Chinese-Vietnamese American, I grew up seeing all the women in my family sport jade accessories and have always had a fondness for the precious gemstone. I've created Stones of Heaven as a way to connect with my roots and to illuminate the beauty of jade through thoughtfully handcrafted accessories.

Our designs give a contemporary twist to the classic jade accessories. Featuring clean and minimalistic creations, our handmade earrings are elegant yet sentimental.

Our Commitment

Stones of Heaven is committed to bringing you premium quality, handmade accessories. The gemstones that we use for our earrings have been certified by the NGTC (National Gemstone Testing Center) to ensure that our nephrite jade is 100% natural and genuine.

Fair & Honest Pricing

Our pieces are priced purely based on the cost of production. We only work with reliable and credible sources to ensure that you can enjoy quality pieces without breaking the bank. Fine jewelry at attainable price points, always.

Questions? Contact us at thestonesofheaven@gmail.com